Anabolic Training For Men- Improve your fitness and your performance

Sick of long boring cardio workouts that make you gain fat? Fed up of being tired? Lost your bedroom performance?

Could Anabolic Training for Men Done Properly Really Help Normal Guys? To Build Head-Turning Muscle, Demolish Stubborn Belly Fat and With The Added Benefit of Ramping  Up Their Sexual Performance! Just From Running 16 Minutes Per Week?

Sounds to good to be true?…. Read On to understand how anabolic training for men can help you

Anabolic Training for Men Vs Cardiovascular Training – Myths Busted

What if someone told you conventional cardiovascular “running workouts” are secretly sabotaging your fitness levels, piling on belly fat and killing your natural testosterone production…

What you knew that long drawn out cardiovascular sessions are feminising your body…

What if you knew that to maintain fat loss from conventional cardiovascular exercise would mean having to do more of the same as time goes by…

Research to Back Up The Claim

A recent U.S. National Library of Medicine recently published a shocking article confirming  testosterone levels are lower in endurance running males than in guys who don’t even workout. The Study also said endurance training can damage the male reproductive system.

So basically you’re better off sitting on the couch all day and NOT running if you want to preserve your precious testosterone levels. Testosterone is the fuel that fires your sex drive, isn’t it time you looked at an alternative way of getting into shape without ruining your sex life?


The Anabolic Running Secret

If you’re anything like me I HATE RUNNING or at least I did!

The very thought of running a marathon turns me cold. Don’t get me wrong I’m VERY interested in the good it can do for others by fundraising etc etc but the very thought of the build up and miles and miles of running needed to ‘Get In Shape’ is not only the opposite of what really happens, boredom beyond belief springs to mind.

But wait, what if you could really ‘Get in Shape’ from a limited time workout? No more hours and hours in the gym. No more long drawn out treadmill sessions, no more objective defeating nonsense to endure!

Utilising a simple ancient training secret that can unlock your inner self, giving you back the body you want, preserving and improving your sex drive! Not damaging it!!

Your Options are Simple

Where you go from here is clearly your choice, by learning the Anabolic Training for Men method you will have the ability to leave long boring gym workouts behind, so your choices are fairly simple.

  1. Sit on the couch, probably gain weight but preserve your precious testosterone levels.
  2. Go to the gym, do long drawn out excersises probably lose weight but diminish your testosterone levels.
  3. Learn how to lose weight, get in shape and boost your testosterone levels naturally.
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